The Tears of the Prophet
Delivered By
Phillip Rainwater
Delivered On
February 4, 2018
Central Passage
Ezra 9:1-13
AM Sermon


            A.        The sins of Israel were abundant; Ezra 9:7

            B.        God had allowed her enemies to conquer and enslave His people; Ezra 9:7

                        1.         Ezra stated that it was because they had forsaken His commandments; Ezra 9:10-11

                        2.         The sins of the people were shocking to Ezra; Ezra 9:3

                        3.         He felt that the punishment was less than they deserved; Ezra 9:13

            C.        Our lesson takes a look at “The Tears of The Prophet”



            A.        He tore his clothing as an act of contrition; Ezra 9:3

                        1.         A token of great grief and fear of divine wrath

                        2.         He tore hair from his head and beard; more significant sign of grief

                        3.         He sat down astonished at what he had learned; Ezra 9:4-5

            B.        Ezra’s prayer and confession of guilt and shame; Ezra 9:6

                        1.         His shame was so deep it made him blush

                        2.         The sins of Israel had existed for a long time; Ezra 9:7

            C.        The tears of Ezra and the people of God; Ezra 10:1

            D.        The grace of God extended; Ezra 9:8


II.        PAUL’S CONCERN FOR THE CHURCHES: II Corinthians 11:28

            A.        He pled for the unity and faithfulness of the Corinthians; I Corinthians 1:10-11

                        1.         The sin of the brother was celebrated rather than rebuked; I Corinthians 5:1-13 (2, 13)

                        2.         He was ashamed of their worldliness in dealing with brethren; I Corinthians 6:1-11 (1, 5-7)

            B.        Paul wept because of false teaching and practices among the brethren; Philippians 3:18

                        1.         He warned the brethren of Galatia; Galatians 1:6-9

                        2.         He stated; Galatians 5:4

            C.        Paul’s concern extends to the churches our age as well; I Corinthians 15:58; Galatians 5:1



            A.        Sin will destroy all who fail to follow the will of God; Matthew 7:21; Romans 6:23

            B.        Our modern age will need to repent, weep bitterly, if mankind is to be saved;

                        II Corinthians 7:9-11

            C.        A home in heaven belongs to the faithful; Revelation 2:10b